Making images is what I'm built to do. 
Let me explain how I got there...

I remember when I was about 12 trying to figure out how my parents cheap Nikon point and shoot worked. You know, those old film cameras made of flimsy plastic, the one with the automatic winder? I would sit for hours with the back open clicking the shutter and watching the winder roll, then taking a pencil and shoving it between the shutter leaves to stop the camera open and look through the lens.

I waited a long time to get my first SLR.  It had a light leak the whole time I used it.  I shot everything I saw (to the detriment to my parents' pocket book). That camera helped me begin to understand light and composition.

When I went to art school I inherited a 4 megapixel point and shoot, which I used it to its full end. I took a few years off from art after that to do a graduate degree. In hind sight I think this break helped ferment my production and analytical skill set.

I started this company out of necessity, because I needed to explore where my professional 'Happy place' was. I have realized I prefer to be around the camera as opposed to behind it.  Where I really shine is producing shoots and sets. Making sure that what is presented to the camera is as perfect as possible.  Essentially I have become an art director and stylist.  This really satisfies me artistically.

Major influences are my wife and three babies, uninhabited landscapes, Sigur Ros, John Steinbeck, J.D Salinger, Degas, Alexander McQueen, Jules Vern and Wes Anderson.

Let me know if you would like to chat about my history or experience; or if you'd like to talk about teaming up for a shoot. 

My professional moniker is The Barefoot stylist. You can reach me over at

You can also  reach me a few other ways: 

Phone - 905-699-9326, email: